Monica Maria was born in Milan where she started her career as a classical and contemporary dancer (with Gianni Zari and Khystine Perrot). In the eighties she’s a fashion model as well as a dancer at many international fashion shows working with choreographers such as Geoffrey Colley and in 1990 she meets with Osvaldo Roldàn starting her tango career. She moves to Buenos Aires where she devotes herself to an in-depth study of this dance with renown teachers such as Carlos Gavito, as well as more popular unknown dancers. Not only the dance, but also tango’s historical and anthropological aspects are the focus of her studies, so she gets her Italian college degree in Hispano-American language and literature with a theses on tango and its literature.

She collaborates with Osvaldo Roldàn for 15 yaers teaching tango all over Europe with institutions as important as the Dance University in Paris. Osvaldo and Maria create a series of video lessons (Tango, with Fratelli Fabbri Editori) and feature in international shows with artists such as  Olivier Manoury, Arrigo Cappelletti, Hugo Díaz, Luis Borda, Hogo Eisemberg.  In 1996 e 97 they dance in the Silvia Vladimivsky e Salo Pasik Company .

They dance in the Spanish tour Te cuento Tango show created by Coco Leonardi for Viento Sur Teatro and are guest dancers in the Esteban Greco Williams Balet Company.

In 1997, together with other eleven tango passionates, they fund Tangoy a cultural association with the purpose of promoting and divulging tango’s dance, poetry and music.

They perform at the inauguration of Nuovo Piccolo Teatro di Milano and in numerous International Tango Festivals with musicians as renown as Seis, Luis Borda Cuarteto, Ensamble Hyperion, Estravagario, Novitango.   They dance in Paolo Pacca’s Borges Cafè written for the Festival Corpo e Scena ’98, directed by Massimo Navone, with music by Luis Borda, play nominated among the three most interesting shows of the year.

They are choreographers for the Playtex ’97 TV commercial and Vecchia Romagna 2005 , they dances in the TV commercial for Madras 1999.

In 1998, during the Primer Encuentro Iberoamericano, Monica Maria is the author, with Coco Leonardi, of the show Nostalgias: Entre tango y fado, Portugal. Choreography by Osvaldo Roldán and Khrystine Perrot. For three years in a row she’s a guest star at the at the Congreso Mundial Bacardi  de la salsa.  In the same years she acts with Hyperion Group in more than 50 Italian cities and in Afiches Tango show with Ermana Mandelli.

In Milan she conceives and funds with Osvaldo Roldán el Café Caribe Tango Club, that becomes the temple of “milonguero style” tango for more than 10 years.

She dances in the Argentina official show at the World Industry Fair in Hannover with the Luis Borda Trio. She performs at numerous Festivals: “Artisti in piazza”, Ostiano; “Villeggiare D’estate”, Villa Sioli, Bussero; “Festival dei Laghi ‘97” with Tango Seis, Menaggio; “E..state al Chiostro” with Luis Borda Cuarteto, Bergamo; Premio Salvo Randone, Caltabellotta; “A qualcuno piace corto” con Garua Tango Ensamble, Teatro Signorelli, Cortona; “Profumo di Tango” con Trío NoviTango, Verona.
At Villa Gordiani in Rome she presents the show Between Tango and Poetry for which she is the curator of texts and translations from Spanish.  She’s also guest at numerous TV and radio shows such as “Uno Mattina”, RAI 1, Roma, Telemontecarlo, Milano, Canal Sur, Sevilla.

She currently continues her intense activity for the diffusion of tango both individually and in couple with different dancers and milongueros. In 2012 she starts to collaborate with Yatma Diallo carrying out an intense activity of teaching and performances, mostly concentrated in Italy. They teach in stable courses in Milan and take seminars in different cities (Parma, Crema, Genova, Como, Pisa). They are teachers within te project “Vela y Tango Horca Myseria” project created by Monica Maria and Pippo Erroi which, in addition to the permanent school of tango school in Milan, organizes events and holidays for sailing and studying tango in ports and study trip to Buenos Aires.

In 2013 they both get the degree for teaching dance at the National Sports and Educational Center of Italy. In 2014 they found the Association Mundo Milonguero.

In 2015 and 2016 they teach and perform at the Chicago Mini Tango Festival and in other USA cities. In the same years they teach and dance in Dakar and in Holland.

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