She attained her university degree in Language and Spanish-American literature at the University of Studies in Milan with a thesis on Jorge Luis Borges. She has translated several essays on tango from the Spanish: Rafael Flores montenegro, El tango desde el umbral hacia dentro, Abrazos; Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, Tango.  An impassioned search for liberty.  Abrazos ; Sonia Abadi  Il bazar degli abbracci,  Abrazos; Rafael Flores Montenegro, Carlos Gardel, Tango inacabable,  Viennepierre and various theatrical palys: Waiting for Monday by Carlos Alsina; What happened to Hucklberry Finn? La Fiacca by Ricardo Talesnik. In 2006 she translated the novel Otumba by Rafael Flores Montenegro, Viennepierre.

In 2003 she published her first book, Jorge Luis Borges e il tango, NYN (second edition 2013, Abrazos). She made the Italian subtitles of some Argentinian documentaries, such as Leon Ferrari  Retrospectiva of the  director Pablo Padula.

                                                                                                with Juan Carlos Cáceres

Jorge Luis Borges and the tango is translated into Spanish, published in Argentina in May 2004, and presented at the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires at the Fundaciòn Che bandeoneón of Córdoba and at the Associación Dante Alighieri of Tucumán with the patronage of the Università Nazionale and In La Habana, Cuba, Casa de la Poesía. In the same period, she participated in the 7th Congresso Nazionale degli Ispanisti, National University of Tucuman.

In January 2005 her second book came out,  Carlos Gavito, la sua vita, il suo tango, written in collaboration with Massimo Di Marco, NYN editions, translated into Spanish and presented in the Ghandi bookshop of Buenos Aires.

              with Osvaldo Berlinghieri and Daniel Falasca for the presentation of Carlos Gavito, su vida, su tango

She ideates and teaches for six years for the language and cultural course about tango in Milan, together with the Associazione Milango and presented in other Italian cities in 2010.

Other than her activities as a dancer, she holds conferences and workshops on tango and literature in many Italian cites in collaboration with institutions such as the University of Studies in Milan, University of Parma, Education Agencies for studies, the Municipalities, Cultural Associations,  (Centre Cultural Frances of Genova, etc.), she also gives conferences and workshops in Chiasso, Zürich, Madrid, Zaragoza, Havana, Buenos Aires, Tucumán and Córdoba.                                                                                               with Rafael Flores Montenegro

In 2014 she started to collaborate with the illustrator Emanuela Bussolati. They create together the collection of books Un paso más with the idea to publish the conferences that Monica Maria holds in differents city in Europe, Argentina and Cuba. One of the three titles in english: Blackness and Tango, a story of love hidden in the notes presented in USA,  Holland and Germany.

In 2020 he is an adjunct professor at the University of Milan, Department of Language Mediation Sciences and Cultural Studies.

In 2021, he won a scholarship for a Ph.D. in Linguistic, Literary and Intercultural Studies in the European and Extra-European Context at the University of Milan with a project entitled: “Buenos Aires: cultural representations and urban resemantizations from the end of the dictatorship to the 21st century.”

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