6th Edition

Ionian Islands (Greece) 
24 June –  1 July 2023
7 day flotilla cruise

Vela y Tango Summer Cruise 2023


4 -13 NOVEMBER 2022



2-9 July 2022

7 Islands in 7 days

Sail and Tango Summer Cruise to Ionian Islands (Greece)

A proposal for a wonderful holiday made by the music of the wind and the tango.

In the footsteps of Ulysses it´s an unforgettable journey in the magical waters of the Ionian islands.

Meeting point of many civilizations and cultures, the navigation area is ideal for a relaxing sailing holiday and suitable for all: winds are never too cold, mooring are not crowded, and there is a variety of islands and bays.

A cruise where the most fascinating among the Ionian Islands in Greece will be the perfect setting for the moments devoted to tango both on board and ashore.

After boarding in Sami (Kefalonia), we will touch Meganisi, Ithaca, Kalamos, Kastos, Atokos… islands rich in history and natural beauty, covered with olive trees and surrounded by sweet bays and easily accessible white beaches.

Serviced by Monica Maria ( and Yatma Diallo, our tango masters, participants will learn the first tango steps or deepen their knowledge in a customised way.

And in the evening, under the stars, led by the stories and the texts translated from Spanish by Monica Maria, we listen together to some tangos to discover the stories it contains. Or we learn the silent language of glances to invite mates to dance.

An unforgettable holiday, with an ideal navigation range that will combine perfectly the pleasure of life on board to that of a big company.

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